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Caterpillar by DAVID KAYE

Title: Caterpillar

Size: 120x100cm

Medium: Acrylic oil and oil stick on canvas

Year: 2023

Price: $8,950 AUD (4700 GBP)

Biography: Born in Bradford, England in 1986.

Joining the the British army, he practiced drawing objects that was in magazines that had been send out to them.

David started painting portraits where he taught himself the techniques that are seen in his work today with the realistic aspects of some of the objects in his paintings. He also started adding hidden and visible emotions within them to acknowledge some of the things that he have felt or been through.

Each piece seems to have its own personality and is executed with a realistic touch. David’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and has also had a printed publication with the ampersandpro and also had numerous successful print releases.