Intervention on a Fancy Food

Intervention on a Fancy Food

Jordi Alós
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Intervention on a Fancy Food bJordi Alós

Size: 60x60cm


Oil, acrylic and aerosol on canvas

Year: 2024

This work is part of "16 by Gallery OZ", an International Group Show presenting 8 International Artists showcasing 16 original artworks, from 

22nd February to 24th March 2024


Jordi Alós works from his studio in Mexico City and Merida and studied advertising and design at the Institute of Marketing and Advertising in Mexico City, where he discovered that the limits of "what can be" and "has to be" gave space for human expression. His works exist in the realm of both realism and art brut, and oftentimes Jordi combines elements from both worlds in his works.

Jordi himself refers to his works as art brut, a term used to catalog the works that go beyond the epistemological platform of modernity. More precisely, it is the term that arises to name the works of those producers who are not governed by logos but rather by the body, in other words, producers with mental illnesses. Although the artist has a healthy mind, his art is congenial to art brut at the time that both exist only when the body is placed over reason, as humans did in the period of the emergence of art .

Jordi narrates through his painting; experiences of yesterday and today. The street has undoubtedly been a fairly strong element in his career and influences. All these elements vibrate and alternate in each piece he makes. At the same time it expresses a street reality, and sarcasm of sports, everyday life, music or other more abstract and irreverent details.

Works of Alós are in private collections in Dubai, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Denmark, Holland, USA, Mexico, Edinburgh, Spain and Switzerland.

His Work has been exhibited collectively and individually in Dubai, Indonesia, Netherlands, United States, Mexico, Hawaii, Spain, Switzerland , Edinburgh and London.