Ian Bertolucci
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Shark by Ian Bertolucci

Size: 70x100cm

Medium: Oil on canvas

Year: 2023

This work is part of "16 by Gallery OZ", an International Group Show presenting 8 International Artists showcasing 16 original artworks, from 22nd February to 24th March 2024

Biography: Italian artist Ian Bertolucci (b.1995) graduated in 2019 from the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara specialising in painting and visual arts. His realistic oil paintings are characterised by dense, bright colours, intense light, and strong contrasts, which together define – almost sculpt – colourful lifelike forms.


The vivacity of his artistry is evident in the rich, luminous colours he employs, the dramatic interplay of light and shadow, and the pronounced contrasts. These elements not only breathe life into the subjects but sculpt them on the canvas, achieving a three-dimensionality that often leaves viewers questioning reality.


Rhythm and repetition are fundamental elements of his work. Fluid, reflective and translucent materials are at the centre of his current creative interest. The vast colour palette adopted by the author aims to create a strong visual impact – almost shocking – in the viewer, dazzling them and then forcing them to look for every single detail in the composition. In his production, some subjects are studied and repeated, almost obsessively.


Bertolucci is represented in Taiwan, Spain and Australia and is garnering significant attention around the world for his hyper-realistic oil paintings.